ComboFix | Removes Malware, Spyware

ComboFix | Removes Malware, Spyware

ComboFix Advanced Malware Removal and Repair


The ComboFix software is designed to be used as a last resort by professionals and advanced users, by removing the most embedded malware and viruses, the software can cause some other issues with your PC. Some known issues when using ComboFix are:

  •  ComboFix does not currently run on either Windows 8.1 or Windows 10.

  •  Most antivirus software will detect ComboFix as malicious; for example it uses NirCmd, which is considered to be a backdoor by most antivirus software. When running ComboFix you should disable any other antimalware or antivirus software on your PC.

  •  In order to remove some malware, ComboFix may disrupt internet connectivity on your PC. Most times only a simple fix is required to restore your connectivity.

  •  ComboFix attempts deletion of all files from the system drive on systems infected with a rootkit. Rootkits cannot be removed by regular antivirus software.

*** WARNING *** ComboFix is sophisticated software designed to be used by professionals and advanced users only to remove malware and spyware infections from an infected PC. ComboFix is not a replacement for your regular Antivirus Software which protects your PC! If you are looking for an Antivirus product to protect your PC after you've used ComboFix to remove any existing infections, we recommend the following products:

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