ComboFix | Removes Malware, Spyware

ComboFix | Removes Malware, Spyware

ComboFix Advanced Malware Removal and Repair

ComboFix, developed by "sUBs", is designed to clean up malware infections and restore settings modified by malware. It works on 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows 2000, XP and Vista, Windows 7 and even Windows 8.

1.   If you can access your files, ensure you have backed up all data on the infected machine to an external device or cloud service before you start in case your PC become unusable.
2.   Disable or Close all anti-spyware, anti-malware, antivirus and real-time protection software on your PC, which will affect ComboFix's ability to operate.
3.   Use the download link to the right to download the latest version of ComboFix to the infected PC's desktop.
4.   Run the ComboFix.exe file from your Desktop and ComboFix will start the process of attempting to clean your PC.
5.   Once ComboFix has completed, you will receive a log file detailing all actions taken on your PC.

*** WARNING *** ComboFix is sophisticated software designed to be used by professionals and advanced users only to remove malware and spyware infections from an infected PC. ComboFix is not a replacement for your regular Antivirus Software which protects your PC! If you are looking for an Antivirus product to protect your PC after you've used ComboFix to remove any existing infections, we recommend the following products:

Use the button below to download the official ComboFix.

Filesize:5.40 MB