ComboFix | Removes Malware, Spyware

ComboFix | Removes Malware, Spyware

ComboFix Advanced Malware Removal and Repair


ComboFix can often run where other Antimalware programs cannot operate because they are interfered with by the malware infection on the PC. ComboFix:
  •  Integrates NirCmd, a command-line tool.
  •  Can unhook any .dll file in the system32 folder.
  •  Includes a command-line interface which allows users to delete up to 8 infected files at a time

*** WARNING *** ComboFix is sophisticated software designed to be used by professionals and advanced users only to remove malware and spyware infections from an infected PC. ComboFix is not a replacement for your regular Antivirus Software which protects your PC! If you are looking for an Antivirus product to protect your PC after you've used ComboFix to remove any existing infections, we recommend the following products:

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